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the taliban does not come back in and give al qaeda a safe haven. we agree with the administration on their 2014 transition. when i think about afghanistan, i think about the incredible job that our troops have done. you have been there more than the two of those combined. the first time i was there it was amazing to me what they were facing. i went to kandahar before the search and i sat down with the young -- a young private from the menominee indian reservation who would tell me what he did every day and i was in all. to go back there and help and see what they had accomplished? it is nothing short of amazing. what we do not want to do is lose the gains we've gotten. we have disagreed from time to time on a few issues. we would have likely taken into account the recommendations from our commanders, general petraeus, admiral mullen on triple struck this year's fighting season. we have been skeptical about negotiations with the taliban especially while their shooting at us but we want to see the 2014 transition be successful. we want to make sure that our commanders have what they
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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